Central States Archaeological Societies
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Central States Archaeological Societies
Central States Archaeological Societies

Central States Archaeological Societies

CSASI President Duties
(Elected - Max 3 years)


Responsible for the over-all operation of society, works with society officers and committees as needed for solving problems and making the society work. For additional duties and definition of them see C.S.A.S.I. Constitution and By-Laws and DUTIES OF CSAS OFFICERS” for functions related to accomplishing the President’s duties.


  • Chair annual society meeting
    • Send request to State President to have representative at the annual meeting (1 Jan)
    • Prepare meeting agenda send to State Presidents (10 Jan)
  • Keeps 1st VP and 2nd VP informed (i.e., as much as possible)
  • Coordinator with C.S.A.S.I. officers on society business matters
  • Work to resolve problems with CSAS officers as needed
  • Present items to improve C.S.A.S.I.
  • Encourage input from C.S.A.S.I. officers, review ideas and coordinate with the other CSASI officers for their thoughts
  • Coordinate implementation of new ideas and operation at CSASI and state level as needed
  • Work with Nomination for selection of candidates for CSASI officers
  • Coordinator with States Presidents and/or Officer as needed and appropriate to resolve C.S.A.S.I. issues, however, do not get involved with internal state problem.
  • Removal of C.S.A.S.I. officer; works with the Nominating Committee & Legal advisor etal. as need to replace C.S.A.SI.. officer that is not accomplishing required duties and/or involved in illegal activity related to C.S.A.S.I. matters.
  • Review draft journals for accuracy
Duties of the CSASI President Duties of the CSASI Editor-In-Chief Duties of the CSASI Secretary-Treasurer
Duties of the CSASI 1st Vice President Duties of the Institutional Liaison Duties of the Nominating Committee
Duties of the CSASI 2nd Vice President Duties of the CSASI Business Manager Duties of the CSASI Librarian
  Duties of the CSASI Publishing And Finance Committee