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Central States Archaeological Societies
Central States Archaeological Societies

Central States Archaeological Societies

CSASI Institutional Liaison Duties
(Elected Individual need to be willing to served a minimum of 5 terms)


Is the CSAS liaison with Institutional members (Colleges, Universities, etc.) related to membership and journal matters.


  • Work problems that may occur related to CSAS membership.
  • Review EBSCO, HARRASSOWITZ, and individuals, etc. for instructional renewals.
  • Follow-up with instructions that have not renewed.
  • Receive payment from instructions EBSCO, HARRASSOWITZ, etc.
  • Send payments received to CSAS Business Managers, for forwarding to the Treasure.
  • Arrange with Business Manager and/or librarian for shipping of missing journal to instruction, if copies have not been provided.
    • The society will provides one free replacement journal, additional ones have to be purchased.
    • See CSAS JOURNAL REPLACEMENT POLICY for specific detail s on replacement.
  • Coordinate with Business Manager and/or the Librarian for shipping additional journals requested by instruction.
  • Inform Business Manager of any change of mailing address at least quarterly.
  • Maintain current Point Of Contact (POC) list for Instructional members.
  • Inform President and Publishing & Finance (P&F) of issues that may be of importance o r critic al related to CSASI
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