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Central States Archaeological Societies
Central States Archaeological Societies

Central States Archaeological Societies

CSASI Business Manager Duties
(Elected Individual need to be willing to served a minimum of 5 terms)


Oversees the CSAS membership list, coordinate with a Mail Service provider for the shipping of the quarterly journal to CSASI members.

It shall be the duty of the Business Manager to maintain a file of all the current members of the member societies of the C.S.A.S.I. The Business Manager shall call for individual members assessment from each society not less than once each quarter, and membership lists shall be forwarded to them with an accompanying check to pay for he assessment on each member submitted. All moneys shall be forwarded to the Secretary/Treasurer within ten days.

The membership list shall be maintained for the sole purpose of mailing the Journal and addressing any other correspondence pertaining to the societies. The Business Manager may employ necessary help to handle maintenance and addressing of Journals and correspondence subject to the approval of the Publishing and Finance Committee.

The Business Manager shall supply the Editor-in-Chief with a list of officers, a summary of the Board of Directors meetings, and any other business items to be printed in the Journal in sufficient time for publishing. The Business Manager shall act as a coordinator for the meetings of the member societies and supply a list of meeting locations and dates to the Editor-in-Chief for publishing in the Journal. Business Manager shall serve as a member of the Publishing and Finance Committee as a non-voting member of the Board of Directors.