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Central States Archaeological Societies
Central States Archaeological Societies

Central States Archaeological Societies

CSASI Nominating Committee Duties
(Elected Individual need to be willing to served a minimum of 5 terms)


CSASI President informs the Nominating Committee (NC) of a need for candidate for a position that needs filling or for running for a position that the present officer is not filling required duties. President may provide information on a potential selection or may leave it completely up to the Nominating Committee.

Nominating Committee confers with the C.S.A.S.I. President on individual or individuals that they are considering for the position before asking the candidate. The President will provide any information or concern he may have before the individual is contacted. President may visit with the other elected CSASI about the potential candidate. If so the President will provide feedback he received to the Nominating Committee.


  • Research and recruited individuals for CSAS officer positions
  • Inform potential candidate of position duties for which they are be considered for.
  • Research and maintain listing of potential candidate of CSASI officers, provide the President update as listing change.
  • Prepare ballet for election of the 7 executive (elected) officers of the C.S.A.S.I.
  • Conduct annual voting:
    • Pass out ballots to voting delegates.
    • Collect and totally results.
    • Informe the President of the voting results for the delegates
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