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Central States Archaeological Societies
Central States Archaeological Societies

Central States Archaeological Societies

CSASI Publishing And Finance Committee Duties
(Elected Individual need to be willing to served a minimum of 5 terms)


The Publishing and Finance committee shall be appointed by the President. The duties of this standing committee are to review and approve all publications of the Society and to guide and advise the President, Editor-in-Chief, Business Manager, Secretary Treasurer and Librarian on any other business that may come up during the year which cannot be delayed for a meeting of the Board of Directors. The publishing and finance committee may, along with the majority of the elected executive officers of the C.S.A.S.I., authorize funds to be spend on behalf of the C.S.A.S.I. during the fiscal year. The publishing and finance committee shall conduct an annual audit of the C.S.A.S books. This audit shall be conducted prior to the Board of Directors meeting.


  1. Review ALL checks written by the Secretary/Treasurer from October prior year to October current year.
  2. Review all receipts received by the Secretary/Treasurer.
  3. Review the IRS form filed in October by the accountant (not a C.S.A.S.I. member).
  4. Review all postage, printing costs, etc. received by the Secretary/Treasurer .
  5. The time of the audit is either the night before the annual meeting or the Secretary/Treasurer would mail Publishing And Finance representative copies of ALL bills, receipts, etc prior to the annual meeting.
  6. Publishing And Finance representative would initial the check book on the last check that was written for that year