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(Selected Pictures from the April Journal)

On the Cover
Pictured on the cover and below is one of the finest of all prehistoric pottery pipes. It portrays a “Screech Owl”. This pipe is painted with red ocre and displays exceptional artistic skill. It was found approximately twenty years ago beneath a hut floor in Tallassee, Alabama. It is very large, measuring nearly 5 inches in height and 3 ½ inches wide. The bowl shows evidence of smoking. The views below show the fine work at the stem hole and how realistic the bird portrayal is from all angles. Collection of Murray Hughes, Bridgeport, Alabama
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Message from Your Editor
Presentation Honoring John T. Crowley
Jim Tatum Ph. D.
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The Wray Point Tom Westfall 64
The Petit Jean River Point Matt Rowe 68
Three Paleo Points from the Southeast Steven R. Cooper 69
Celt Caches on Display at the Cahokia Mounds Museum Ray Fraser 72
A Soapstone Lug-Handle Vessel from the Blueridge Mountains Ron Harris 74
Found in Iowa: Tales of Hunts and Exciting Finds A Hand Maul Find Dr. Alfred D. Savage, Ph. D. 76
A Pott County Sandbar Reveals a Secret
Rick Diemer
Two Antler Bannerstones and an Unknown Antler
Artifact from Southwest Iowa
David A. Easterla, Ph.D. 78
The Unique Caddo Seed Jar Jim Maus 82
Selected Book Reviews Steven R. Cooper 84
Who’s Who in Virginia Archaeology – Ben C. McCary    
Speaking with the Ancestors    
Oklahoma Artifacts    
For Gold, God and Glory    
Sam Dellinger - Raiders of the Lost Arkansas    
Digging for History at Old Washington    
The Blackwell Mammoth E.J.Neiburger, Ph. D. 88
Never too Old to be a Rookie Warren Hughes, Jr. 92
Make Your Own Judgement David L. Greives 93
A Theory on the Usage of Bird Points Mike Roper 94
The Benton Cache: An Archaic Enigma Steven Jordan 96
Obsidian in Illinois John Lesmeister 103
An Exceptional Lost Lake Tim Guyse 104
Clues to the Past Steven R. Cooper 105
Membership application   108
Officers and Societies   109
Calendar of Events   112

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