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The Leif and Bonnie Steuck Cache

by Paul Schanen,

Central States Archaeological Societies 2019 April Journal

Adams-Friendship, Wisconsin

The Leif and Bonnie Steuck Cache
Figure 1. The cache showing all of blades, Turkey Tail points and cube of galena.

In April of 1994 Leif and Bonnie Steuck were walking the shoreline of their property near Junction City, Wisconsin, trying to determine the best place to build their new house. The shoreline was thick with branches, roots, and driftwood debris. A long rusty piece of metal caught Leif’s eye as they walked the water’s edge. “It’s an old one-armed Charlie!” Leif exclaimed. As Leif stood admiring his slightly rusty treasure in shin-deep water near the shore, Bonnie spotted something different, something with an outline similar to the stone artifacts that her dad used to look for. She plucked a three inch Hixton blade from the sand. “Look at this!” she said. Both of them admired the piece as they walked home that night.

As Bonnie remembers it was perhaps a few days later when she returned to that section of shoreline. She was again drawn back to where she had found the blade earlier. A small bit of stone poked up from the golden sand and lapping water. Before she left the water’s edge she had also found one more, different from the others. The last was bigger, and made from a different material. Later she learned that it was a Turkey Tail blade made from Indiana Hornstone. When she showed
her two new finds to Leif, he didn’t believe her.”You bought those! I know you did, you don’t go out and just find arrowheads by the handful in one spot.” he said.
“ No, I swear, I picked them both up in the exact same spot right next to the one-armed Charlie you found the other day.” she explained.

The Leif and Bonnie Steuck Cache
Figure 2

The following morning while Bonnie was still still sleeping and Leif had finished getting ready for work, he walked down to....

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