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A Good Days’ Hunting

by Dr. Jeff Pyle

Central States Archaeological Societies 2014 July Journal

Indiana Archaeological Society State Editor


Pictured is a 3¾” long Cumberland point found by Derek Risley in June of 2013 in a creek bed in Christian County, Kentucky. This piece won the best personal found artifact award at the 50th anniversary 2014 Boonville, Indiana show. Dereck is from Henderson, Kentucky and following is the story of its find in Derek’s own words:

“ I went hunting in a creek, new spot that I had only hunted a couple of times before. I had been hunting about an hour when I took a break to admire the scenery – the flowing, gurgling creek, clear water and spring time sounds and smells. After eating lunch on a large rock, I walked across the creek to a gravel bar and – boom- there is was! It was completely exposed and there was no mystery about what it was. I could not and still do not believe my luck! I was stunned by what I was looking at. I took out my phone and took several pictures, leaving it lie there for 30 minutes before getting up the nerve to finally pick it up. Upon leaving, I stepped into a hole and soaked my phone. Thank goodness I was able to save the pictures!”
Above: Both faces of the Cumberland Point along with a side view. Above: - Top left: - The finder, Derek Risley, holding his point at aartifact show a few weeks after finding it.