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(Selected Pictures from the July Journal)

On the Cover
On the cover: Plate XXXVI from Some Aboriginal Sites on the Mississippi River by Clarence B. Moore. It is labeled “Pecan Point, Arkansas Vessel No. 13. (HEIGHT 7.6 INCHES.) This vessel (Catalog number 17/4103) is currently on display at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C.
The text on page 469 states about this vessel: In Plate XXXVI is shown a head bottle, a variant from the well-known and interesting type of head vases which we believe (speaking of the United States) are found only in northeastern Arkansas and in southeastern Missouri. At the time when Professor Holmes wrote his “Ancient Pottery of the Mississippi Valley” he had met with but eight other head vases, all of which had been found at the Pecan Point site. In later years other head vases have been discovered, but in comparatively small numbers: so the vessels are as rare as they are interesting. On page 447 of the same publication, Moore describes his excavations: A warm thanks…are tendered Mr. R. W. Friend, of Pecan Point, who cordially put his large plantations there…for investigation, in the most unreserved way. Our digging at Pecan Point occupied fourteen and one-half days …with a force of nine men to handle the spades and four to supervise. Three hundred and forty-nine burials were encountered….
For more on the archaeological journeys of Clarence B. Moore, see story on page 118.
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