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Stolen Relics

  • Three Stolen Points stolen May 23rd 2015 Kentucky
  • contact Gary Noel can be reached at: (859) 734-9563. Steven Cooper /editor: (615)952-2138

These three points were STOLEN from Gary Noel at the May 23rd 2015 Kentucky E-TOWN Show. IF you see them, are offered them, or if someone shows you these as their latest acquisitions, contact the editor of this publication or Gary Noel immediately. The Lost Lake at center measures 3 1/2” the Kirk at right is 3 5/8” and the Hopewell at left is 4 3/4”. Luckily the thief didn’t get the COA’s so there is documentation. Over the years several artifacts have been lifted at the ETOWN Show, so the thief must be from that area. This is JUST wrong and this guy needs to be exposed and go to JAIL.

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