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Submitted by David L Harvey


Central States Archaeological Societies member

Dale E. Roberts of Mt. Sterling Iowa died March 9, 2015 from Injuries suffered while cutting trees on his farm near Mt. Sterling. Dale was born in Roscoe Missouri., married his high school sweetheart Betty Gregg of Cantril Iowa in 1959, and had 2 daughters Debra & Darla, two grandsons, Jacob Schmitt and Justin Schmitt, and one great-granddaughter Brooklyn Schmitt.

Dale owned and operated a sawmill near Mt. Sterling for many years and raised cattle. He loved hunting Indian artifacts and was a founding member of the Hawkeye State Archaeological Society.

He was about 10 years old when he asked for a quarter from his father. Upon receiving the quarter he took off running, and later returned to show him what he had bought, which his dad declared was an old "rock." Betty told me that old rock is still in the collection, a chipped flint axe from southern Missouri. Since that time the collection has grown to be one of the finest in Iowa.

Dale loved to attend auctions, and both he and Betty were often in attendance at many of the large and small auctions from Ohio to Iowa and points in between.

I always enjoyed heading to the Robert's artifact room to admire, handle and learn about the many wonderful and unusual Native American artifacts in the collection. Dale always enjoyed sharing them with others.

Dale was a friend to all and one of the most gracious and helpful members of the archaeological community I knew. In 43 years I have never met anyone who had anything but praise for Dale, his knowledge, friendship and willingness to help others.

All of us in the HSAS owe him so much for his efforts in helping start the society and the many years he devoted
to making our state proud of its shows and its membership. Dale and Betty spent many years in sponsorship of not only the Keosauqua show but also as serving as our delegate to the annual St. Louis business meeting to represent our state in the important business of the CSAS.

He was one of the very special collectors that were always happy to help answer questions, and encourage new, and not so new collectors. I have had the privilege to know and call Dale "my friend.” He will be missed by the entire Hawkeye State Archaeology Society.