The Anthropology of Florida Points and Blades

reviewed by Rodney M. Peck
written by Lloyd E. Schroder

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The Anthropology of Florida Points and Blades by Lloyd E. Schroder is a well-written book that represents more than ten years of research by the author. Any professional or avocational archaeologist will want to add this well documented book of the Florida Indians to his library, for it not only covers the different point types and blades found in the state it gives a very complete and accurate history of the different cultures of early man in Florida.

This fine book covers all cultures and history of the America Indian in Florida including Paleo Indian; the Dalton Period; Early, Middle and Late Archaic; Woodland Period; Mississippian Period; and the Historic Period. Mr. Schroder leaves to stone unturned for he covers each point type very thoroughly giving the history of the name with references, very complete descriptions, references to sites they were recovered from, and illustrations of each type.

Any historian or archaeologist interested in the America Indian will find this book most comprehensive for it very well researched and easy to read. The maps showing important prehistoric sites, Spanish Missions, mounds, and Forts - just to name a few is very intriguing and gives evidence of a well researched book that one will use as a reference text quite often.

Again, this wonderful book, gives the evolution of Florida projectile points and blades used over 12,000 years and the history goes from the early Paleo Indian period through the Seminole Indians during the Presidency of James Buchanan to the Seminoles of today. In the back of the book there is a quick reference of the different point types that are discussed in the text of the book.

The Anthropology of Florida Points and Blades is 383 pages long, soft bound, and printed on high quality paper, with over 290 maps and illustrations. Cost is $30 plus $4 shipping & handling.

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