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HARDAWAY! Most collectors of American Indian artifacts in the Carolinas have a wish for a Hardaway point second only to the elusive Clovis. The Hardaway was named and described by the late Joffre L. Coe in his 1964 publication THE FORMATIVE CULTURES OF THE CAROLINA PIEDMONT from examples excavated at the Stanly County, NC Hardaway Site in the late 1940ís and early 1950ís. Much has been learned about archaeology and dating artifacts since that time.

Commencing in 1979, members of the Piedmont Archaeological Society began carefully excavating a stratified site in Union County, NC named the Baucom Hardaway Site. This analysis continued into 1984 and was resumed again in 1987 with the assistance of Dr. Al

Goodyear and Dr. Vance Haynes. The story of the original excavations was written by Rodney Peck and the late Floyd Painter and published in 1984 in the Chesopiean. The 1987 excavation was proficiently covered by Dr. Haynes and Rodney Peck. These publications have for some years been unavailable - - - - until now. Rodney Peck has gathered these articles about the Hardaway Culture written by Haynes, Painter and himself in a new and exciting book - - - HARDAWAY ORIGINS AND ADAPTIONS.

This compilation of the story of the Baucom Hardaway Site and the Southeastern Paleo Period includes many photos, maps, charts and drawings of Hardaways and other Paleo and Archaic point types and shows a listing of the Radiocarbon 14 datings from most of the major Paleo sites in this country. Rodney Peck, a renown collector and author of many books and articles on archaeology and Indian artifacts, has edited a book that must be included in the library of all collectors of prehistoric Americana. The book may be purchased at Piedmont Archaeological Society meetings and shows or may be ordered from:

Cost: $20.00 plus $4.00 P & H

Can be ordered from: PecksPlacePublishing.com Rodney Peck, 4222 Winter Jasmine Place, Kannapolis, NC 28081.