Hardaway Origins and Adaptations

written by Eric G. Ayto

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Hardaway Origins and Adaptations is a study of the Hardaway culture in North Carolina. This is truly a unique book that is centered on the discovery of the famous Baucom Hardaway Site.

Covered is the original report of the 1979-1982 excavations by members of the Piedmont Archaeological Society of North and South Carolina, along with the 1987 excavations by the University of South Carolina. Included in this Paleo-Indian study are C-14 dates, geological data, a comparison study between the Hardaway Tradition and Clovis Tradition, and other archaeological traits of the Hardaway People. This book discusses the theory that the Hardaway People and Clovis People probably lived at the same time, but had different traits.

This fine book is very heavily illustrated with plenty of pictures, sketches, maps and charts.

The reader will find some of the very best classic Hardaway Type points ever recorded or pictured. (Softbound-perfect binding, 98 pages, 8 1/2 x 11).

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