Eastern Fluted Points

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written by Rodney M. Peck

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Eastern Fluted Points by Rodney M. Peck is an outstanding study of Early Man in the East that is now in it's second printing.

This is a study of over 18 years of Paleo-Indian research on the distribution and compilation of Fluted Projectile Points from the Eastern United States. Included are 44 pages, 29 figures of over 140 Clovis points, 4 maps, 2 tables and bibliography. This heavily illustrated book has beautiful pictures of Paleo-Indian tools and preforms, along with a wide selection of fine Fluted Points from Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri and other states. One of the tables contain C-14 dates and data from the most well known Clovis, Folsom and other Paleo-Indian sites in North America. This book is well circulated in colleges and universities throughout the United States.

This is a must for anyone interested in the study of Early Man and his Fluted Points. Cost is $10.00 plus $3.00 p&h.

Order from: PecksPlacePublishing.com Rodney M. Peck, 4222 Winter Jasmine Place, Kannapolis, NC 28081.