America's Largest Paleo-Indian Workshop Site, Dinwiddie County, Virginia:
The Williamson Site

Rodney M. Peck

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This publication covers over 50 years of research and excavations by such Paleo Indian experts as Dr. Ben C. McCary, archaeologist Floyd Painter, Dr. C. Vance Haynes, and others. The site, which consists of over 100 acres, is located mainly on the farm of the late John E. and Josh S. Williamson. This report on the investigations at the Williamson Site answers some important questions about fluted point occupation that it was several cultures over a period of time. Also, there appears to be a Folsom-like culture present. With over 250 fluted projectile points found on the site over the past half-century makes Williamson the most prolific fluted point site in North America.

This site report gives the reader comparison tables of Williamson with other well known Paleo-Indian sites in Virginia and elsewhere, like Shoop, Blackwater Draw and Lindenmeier, just to name a few. A tremendous amount of research went into this manuscript using all sorts of data collected by the late Floyd Painter and Ben McCary, the two principle investigators in the 50's and 60's. Their research papers, lithic material, slides, pictures, field notes, personal letters, etc. were acquired to pull this fine publication together.

This publication covers all aspects of the Williamson Site such as the Site Characteristis, Lithic Material, Heat Treatment, Excavations, different types of Fluted Points, Preforms, Scrapers, Tools, Blade Making, and much more. The history of the discovery of the site in 1947 as being Paleo-Indian is discussed, along with the A.P. released on July 18, 1949 by Dr. Ben C. McCary. The manuscript contains plenty of pictures of Clovis-like points, tools, and other lithic material left by Early Man. With six maps, four tables, and 71 figures, the reader will be very impressed on the quality and quantity of fluted points and unique tools covered in the report.

This book, America's Largest Paleo-Indian Workshop Site, Dinwiddie County, Virginia: The Williamson Site (8 ½ x 11, 64 pages, softbound, plenty of pictures) may be purchased from the author for $12 plus $4 postage.

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