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(Selected Pictures from the July Journal)

On the Cover
This watercolor artwork by David Paul Cook shows Mound “C” at Toltec Mounds Archaeological State Park. This small mound is situated in the center of the site. This was the only mound utilized for burial purposes at this huge “Plum Bayou Culture” ceremonial site, which was occupied from 650 -1050 A.D. This Arkansas prehistoric site spans more than 100 acres, contains two plazas and has sixteen mounds. See story on page 117. Used by permission of the artist and Toltec Mounds State Archaeological Park
Artist: David Paul Cook (davidpaulcookart@sbcglobal.net )
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Message from your Editor
Letters to the Editor
Mounds and Earthworks on the Public Highway Part Six: Arkansas Archaeological State Parks - Parkin, Toltec and Hampson
Steven R. Cooper EIC
Rare Deptford Style Axes of South Carolina
Ron L. Harris
Two Ancient Mysteries to Solve
  Part One: A Salvaged Celt
  Part Two: An Archaic Conundrum
Gary Klebe
Traveling with Cameron W. Parks:
  Part Four- More 1962 Road Trip Notes
Richard Q. Bourn Jr.
The Ringeison Catalog Records
Charlie S. Wagers
Daddy, I Found One
Cliff Collins
Hamilton, Madison, and Mouse Creeks
  found in Lowndes County, Alabama 1977-1978
Lamar Wilson
Banks Link’s Turtle Pipe - Revisited
Steven Hart
A Gigantic Spherical Monolithic Stone Ball
  from Northwest Missouri
Dr. David A. Easterla
Miniature Artifacts Bob Reeves 138
Two of a Kind - Clovis Finds
Larry Shaver
“Spring” Cleaning Day in Dublin, Georgia Lloyd E. Schroder 157
Some Things Are Best Left Well Enough Alone Tyler Van Ert 158
A Father’s Day Gift Steven Nutter 159
Two Unique Displays    
  A Cypress Knee Display Charles J. Vaughan 160
  In-Si-Tu-Art Jeff Bayless 161
Dimple Stone Melissa Bartosh-Thomas 162
Three Stolen Points Steven R. Cooper EIC 162
A Middle Tennessee Hamilton Cache Barry Todd Irvine 163
A Pleistocene-Fossilized Vulture’s Head from Virginia, Wm Jack Hranicky 165
My Lifetime Find Mike Haas 167
Even Very Simple Artifacts May Raise
  Complex Questions
Peter G. Murphy and Alice J. Murphy 167
Pawnee vs Sioux 1832: Oral History or Tall Tale? Richard Peterson 169
A Scottsbluff from Wisconsin Ronald J. Meyer 173
Knife River Flint – A Name and/or Origin Problem Dr. David A. Easterla 174
Testing Obsidian: Sharper than a Scapel E.J. Neiburger 176
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