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(Selected Pictures from the April Journal)

On the Cover
The Great Serpent Mound twists and turns for 1348 feet creating an effigy of a snake. It was built approximately one thousand years ago, on a hilltop that has been occupied since at least the Mid-Archaic Period. It is considered one of the Great Wonders of the Ancient World. The site and its museum are maintained by the Ohio Historic

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Message from your Editor   59
Letters to the Editor   60
Obituaries   61
Mounds and Earthworks on the Public Highway Part Two:
The Great Serpent Mound
Steven R. Cooper EIC
Appendages of Clay   67
A New Name for an Old Chert Maybe? “ Bayless Chert”   69
A Virginia Snake Head Pipe James E. Maus 70
Halifax and Other White Quartz Points from Halifax County in
North Carolina’s Northern Piedmont
Peter G. Murphy and Alice J. Murphy 72
The Huge Blade Found at Parker’s Run Charles J. Vaughn 74
Steatite Vessels: An Example from Covington County, Alabama Tim Brawner 75
Things to Think About:
Ceremonial Artifacts, a Personal Gripe and Satellite Campsites
Bob Reeves 78
Beads of Eastern Virginia Cliff Jackson 80
Patina is Not the Indicator of Great Age: The Old Copper Culture Dr. E.J. Neiburger 81
A Collection of Paleo Points from Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas and Tennessee   84
A Cache of Marksville Artifacts found in Louisiana    

Part One: Background

Steven R. Cooper EIC 86

Part Two: The Find

James Hayden 90
Artifacts that Travel: The True Stories behind the Artifacts in the Frame
Sometimes it takes a Long Time to Come Home
Rick Diemer 94
The Gift of Iron Eyes Cody Warren R. Boatwright Jr 95
Hardaway Tradition Artifacts in North Carolina:
The Hardaway Site and the Baucom-Hardaway Site
Ron L. Harris 96
Old Collectors and New Collectors: The Fun of Collecting with Friends Kevin Pipes 99
A Long Lost Hopewell Point and Blade Tim Dunham 100
The Origins of Moundbuilding Gerry Powers 101
A Pair of Copper Earspools with their Original Wooden Backing Dennis Hess 105
Book Reviews:
   Pinson Mounds: Middle Woodland Ceremonialism in the Midsouth
   The GE Mound Case
Membership Application   108
Officers and Societies   109
Calendar of Events   112