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On the Cover
At one time, Hobbies the Magazine for Collectors was the only published source for arrowhead and artifact collectors. It provided a forum
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Message from your Editor
Letters to the Editor   172
Obituaries   174
Hobbies Magazine - The Original Guide for Collectors Steven R. Cooper EIC 176
Two North Carolina Pipes and a Remarkable Coincidence Cliff Jackson 180
Getting a Late Start Joel Culver 182
Obsidian Tools in Virginia James E. Maus 183
Hopewell Artifacts from Outer Space Dr. E.J. Neiburger 185
Projectile Point of Tool? The Chisel Tip Edmund Butkus 186
The Talladega Cache of Celts Lamar Wilson 188
A Stubborn Rock Yields a Fine Point:
A Tallahatta Quartzite Pickwick
C. J. O’Neill
Book Reviews

The Chesopiean: A Journal of North American Archaeology Interpreting Ground-penetrating Radar for Archaeology
People of the Bear Mother

Folsom Ultrathin Knives:A Unique Tool in the Folsom Toolkit
Tom Westfall
Who Made Fox Valley’s Duck Effigy Pipe? Mike Sutton 194
Hidden in a Barn: Finding the Collection of Macy Orsen Hallock(1883-1973)
Medina Ohio Antique Dealer and Artifact Collector
Len Weidner 196
A Cache of 14 Mystery Points - What Are They? William Eilers 198
he Recorded History of a Clovis Found in Licking County, Ohio Jon Dickinson 201
Acquiring Artifacts from Europe: History, Rules and Lessons Dr. E.J. Neiburger 202
A St. Charles Point and Preform from Pike County, Illinois Korhan B. Raif M.D. 204
Chronology Anomalies In Native American Archaeology Scott Chandler 205
The Madden Bannerstone Bill Clark 208
Lonestar Lithics: A Poster of Texas Typology Kenny Resser 209
North Carolina’s Discontinuity: An Archaeological Mystery in the Piedmont Cultural Peter G. Murphy and Alice J. Murphy 210
A Rare Drilled Spatulate Ceremonial Axe from Alabama Ron L. Harris 212
Form Follows Function:
A Comparison of Old World and New World Artifacts
Bob Reeves 214
An Illinois Black Beauty Mike Wayland 215
Discovery of a Baraboo Pipestone Workshop Paul Schanen 216
Minutes of the Collinsville Business Meeting
of the C.S.A.S.I. March 16, 2013
Hugh McKenzie 217
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