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From Zero to Six

by John Ray

Central States Archaeological Societies 2012 January Journal

Troy, Missouri

The Stanfield Knife: A Large Paleo Blade

I have been hunting Indian artifacts for over 25 years in Lincoln County Missouri. I had always heard that there was a Cahokia population here, but never had any proof of my own until last year.

I started off early in 2010 hunting a new site. One of my first finds was a small tri-notch point with the tip damaged. I just thought it to be a fluke, no big deal. As I continued to hunt the site that year, I was finding a lot of Woodland points that were in near perfect shape.

On April 1st 2010 I went out to the site, and found a broken serrated Cahokia base. Then I walked about 10 feet and surprisingly found another serrated Cahokia. As I looked down at it, I saw all the signs of it being broken too. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be in perfect shape and super fine. I had truly found a rare G10 point!

I hunted the site throughout the entire year and ended up finding six Cahokia points. There were two double -notched, two different types of five-notched, one triplenotched, and a serrated triple-notched. Along with these, I found many un-notched Madison points. I think that these points are right in line with some that were found in Mound 72, at Cahokia mounds.

Twenty five years of hunting and I went from zero to six! It just goes to show what can be found some 90 miles away from the mounds and further.

On my hunt of April 8, 2010, I discovered a Cahokia Triplenotched.
It is shown here in-situ.
  Pictured together are the six Cahokia Points found on the same
site in Lincoln County, Missouri. The serrated triple-notched
point is 1 ½ inches long x 5/8 of an inch wide at the base. It was
found in March of 2010. The five-notched is 1 ¼ inches long and
5/8 of an inch wide. All of these points were found at a single site
in East Central Missouri, about 90 miles from Cahokia Mounds.
At top: The Cahokia serrated triple-notched in situ on April 1, 2010.Inset: Above: The point in hand later that same day. Later in the
year, it won best personal find of 2010 at the GSLAS Show in St. Charles.