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(Selected Pictures from the April Journal)

On the Cover
A portrayal of a Native American engaged in the crafting of the famous “Big Boy Pipe” statue. This artwork is part of the Mississippian Period display at The Museum of Native American History in Bentonville, Arkansas. The museum has a full size cast of the statue on display that is on loan from the University of Arkansas. This portrayal is known as “The Resting Warrior” and currently is thought to be the mythical figure “Morning Star”. It is considered to be one of the great masterpieces of prehistoric North American craftsmanship and was discovered in the chamber at Spiro Mound in 1935. Originally created as a statue, it was later drilled and made into a pipe for ritual smoking. On the right is a Caddo Keno Trailed style pottery vessel who incised artwork incorporates a face into its design. Artwork by Kelly Green
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Message from your Editor
Message from your President
Readers Share Some Oddities   60
Two Mysterious Objects from Florida A Stone Duck Head from Minnesota A Gear Shaped Gorget from Georgia  
Donating to your Society,The Central States(CSASI) Jeff Anderson and Steven R. Cooper 62
Letters to the Editor   63
Obituaries   63
A Rare Trophy Axe From Northwest Missouri and a Red Celt From Northeast Kansas David A. Easterla, Ph.D. 64
Three Tales of Collecting Will Tomlinson  
   Holy Hardaway   65
   I’d Rather Be Lucky than Good   66
   Luck at Eagle Point   67
Cotton Stone Artifacts Bob Reeves 68
Some New Thoughts on Dalton Points Matt Rowe 70
An Interesting Bannerstone and Important Early Collection,
Both from North Carolina
Ron L. Harris 73
The First Metal Users E.J. Neiburger 76
A Neosho Knife from the South Platte River Tom Westfall 81
From Arrowheads to Dinosaurs Dwight New 82
Two Discoidals - Same Maker? Steven R. Cooper 83
Book Review:    
 Extraordinary Fluted Points of the Tennessee Valley Region 86
Three Prehistoric Tools from Ontario Michael C. Moore 87
Wasted Axes: An Interesting Artifact of Decatur Man Robert Beasley 90
Found on a Gravel Bar: The Ramsey Branch Blade Edward Austin 91
The Authenticators, Problem or Solution? Col.John F. Berner 93
Three Bone Artifacts from Arkansas Robert Woolard 96
Kirk Points of the Early-Archaic Southeast: Did the Kirk People Use Daggers? Peter G. Murphy and Alice J. Murphy 97
Personally Found Bannerstones in Daviess County, Indiana:  
Remembering an Artifact Hunt in 1976 Don Clements 99
How Rare is it? Jeffery C. Wharton 101
An Indian Relic? V.Gary Henry 102
A New Look at the Old Copper Bannerstone Axe:  
 An Unusual Specimen that Appears to be Cast E.J. Neiburger 103
Clues to the Past   106
Membership Application   108
Officers and Societies   109
Calendar of Events   112


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