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Central States Archaeological Societies
Central States Archaeological Societies

CSASI Societies

The Central States Archaeological Societies, Inc. (CSASI) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and has no paid officers or employees

Have a question or a problem? Check the frequently asked questions for information on who to contact when, the CSASI practices and other informative topics.

Our mission is to develop a better understanding among professional and non-professional collectors of archaeological material, students, museums and institutions of learning, and to further this understanding by providing a means of publishing articles of interest by both professional and amateur archaeologists.

With the help of members from state societies we publish the Central States Archaeological Journal four times per year. (view selected journal articles)

See the current calendar of events which includes show and State Society meetings. CSAS

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Donate now to assist us in meeting our mission statement and receive a qualifying federal tax deduction. Support from donors who value CSAS is essential to CSAS's long-term financial health and to the fulfillment of our mission. All of CSAS operating revenue come from State Society membership and the sales of journals. Some state societies will accept reproduction relic donations for a qualifying federal tax deduction.

Check out the CSAS book review and links to reference book dealers.

Constitution and By-laws of The Central States Archaeological Society

Your Central States Archaeological Journal is more than just a magazine, more than the leading archaeological publication in the United States.

It is the voice of you -- the members. It is your means of reporting that important site or discovery that you have made. Too often a great discovery is not reported and the information and history are lost forever. Perhaps the piece you found might be the missing link that some professional archaeologist is looking for. It could be the direct tie-in to another report that is more important than you realize. Use your Journal by sending good clear photographs and reports to your Editor-in-Chief.

CSASI Societies