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What are they?

by Gil Gilbreath

Central States Archaeological Societies 2012 April Journal

Widener, Arkansas

These two odd egg like objects were found in a wash one mile south of Wilson, Arkansas. They both rattle. One of them was broken open by the finder, thinking that diamonds were hidden inside. They measure three inches in height. In my quest to discover what they are, I found a picture of a nearly identical one on the internet. I sent an e-mail to the one who posted it, Dr. Grey Gundaker at the College of William & Mary, and she wrote back. She related that there were seven in their collection; all found at the edge of a salt marsh. As far as she knows the eggs I have and those in their collection are the only ones so far uncovered(9 in total). She had an expert look at theirs, and the writing is Arabic. One might conclude that these were slave objects, as the slave trade emulated from West Africa. But the writing on these is only seen on the East Coast of Africa. Strange indeed! If you have found any, or know what they are, please contact me, Dr. Grey Gundaker or Dr. Michael Blakey at the College of William and Mary. I have included a picture of myself holding a photograph of one of their seven eggs for comparison. As much as we like to think we know everything, there are still many mysteries to solve!