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A Bountiful Day in Bucyrus

by Jeff Goodenow

Central States Archaeological Societies 2011 January Journal

Uniontown, Ohio

The Stanfield Knife: A Large Paleo Blade

My buddy Doug Haubert and I decided to take a day off work to walk as many fields as possible near Bucyrus, Ohio, on April 6th, 2010.

Doug had previous luck in this area finding artifacts from all time periods, ranging from Paleo through Woodland, including broken bannerstones and various other slate artifacts.

April 6th was a very unusually warm and windy day for early Spring in central Ohio. In fact it was so windy that we couldn’t even hear each other talk from less than 10 feet away!

This minor distraction didn’t deter us one bit as we set out to cover as much ground as daylight would permit.
As we walked one of Doug’s favorite locations on the banks of a small creek, we immediately started finding
pieces of slate and flint chips, all very good signs in our eyes.

After some decent finds of small scrapers and broken points, we decided to hit the highest area of the field
which overlooked the creek. After about 10 minutes of walking, Doug looked over at me and said ‘Oh my gosh, look at this one!’ and I went over to see the nearly perfect 3” Archaic corner notch blade shown in the accompanying photo. Except for one small ear ding, it was a perfect specimen, fine flaking and a needle tip. It
was certainly our best find of the day and of the last few years for either of us!

Our total finds for the day are shown in the second photograph, not too bad for a day’s work, but certainly
the large Archaic blade takes the cake for this group.

The Stanfield Knife: A Large Paleo Blade