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After Twenty-five Years I Finally Found a Cache

by Gene Edwards

Central States Archaeological Societies 2008 January Journal

Berlin Heights, Ohio

Over the last twenty-five years I have made at least fifty trips to Missouri, Arkansas and Texas to go artifact hunting with my friends. Each trip was marked with some exciting find or interesting event. I’ve made many friends throughout the years, and the memories of each and every hunt are priceless. On one trip, I was lucky enough to go out with Greg Perino.
I spent hours asking him question upon question. One time he pointed out to me “Boy, if you can’t read the soil,you never will be an archaeologist.” He had a knack for reading the soil that I never mastered. But, on one such trip, while hunting in Northeast Texas with “Sonnie” Roy Hutchinson and Ken Cullipper, I was lucky enough to find my one and
only cache of points; fifteen wonderful Maud points. These are Caddoon Points from the Fulton Period 1450 to1700 AD.


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