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Michigan’s Prehistory: Piecing It Back Together

by George Jachim

Central States Archaeological Societies 2008 April Journal

Grand Rapids, Michigan

We often read and hear that learning about our ancient past is like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. All six of these ancient artifacts I have included with this article have been pieced back together. These are all personal finds from one field in Ottawa County, Michigan. Ottawa County is just west of Grand Rapids, about fifty miles from Lake Michigan in the central portion of the state.

I’m very fortunate in that at the current time, I’m the only person with permission to walk this field. I keep all the pieces I find from my walks.When I return home,I spread out my pieces and check for mates from the day’s walk and previous walks. Over time, I have discovered the other parts of many broken pieces. With just a dab of superglue, I’ll piece back together the artifact and it becomes whole again. This “piecing” together our past has become an enjoyable part of my hunting experience. The past becomes whole once again.

All of us have been continually encouaged to “write our page in history.” I hope you have enjoyed my addition.

(L to R. All pieces are shown just slightly less than actual size.)
Knife blade, 2 5/16” long. Tip found 1/07/08, base found 9/24/2006.
Drill, 2 ¼” long. Tip found 9/18/04, base found earlier. Break is nearly indistinguishable
Point, 1 3/8” long. Tip found 9/02/06, base found earlier.
Drill, 1 3/16” long. Base found 7/14/07, tip found earlier.
Blade, 1 13/16” long. Tip found 7/03/2005, base found earlier.
Knife, 2 5/8” long. Tip found 10/02/04, base found earlier


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