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The Don Screws Perfenales Blade Cache

by Dwain Rogers, Temple,Texas, edited by Michael

Central States Archaeological Societies 2007 January Journal


In Coryell County, Texas, on the Larry Reye's farm an unusual find was made during the spring of 2004. For years many collectors knew the old Indian camp was sitting on a series of low hills and ravines a few hundred yards from the Leon River. Many relics had been picked up after plowing, but after a clearing operation had removed all the large trees on the low ridges, an unusual amount of early period points were found scattered around the shallow depressions carved from pulling stumps. Along wanders Don Screws, a noted Bell County, Texas, collector, who is notorious for trying new and unusual areas for sign of camps. Don started clearing out the tree stump pits and within 10 minutes he noticed three knife blades eight inches below the surface. Don called to his friend Ed Vining to see his find. After a closer look, other knives were noticed beyond the initial three blades. A total of 19 finished blades were found stacked on top of each other two and three deep. Taking notice that the trees were pulled down the hill scattering small piles of dirt, Don excavated the first foot behind the cache about the location of his knees and three more blades were found. The material is an unidentified grayish tan chert, not found in the area. We believe the blades to be from the Pedernales time period by general outline, flake pattern and other points associated in the area. The knives range from 5 1/2 to 8 inches. I believe this to be the largest cache of finished blades ever found in Coryell County, Texas. Collection of Francis Stewart, Little River, Texas


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