Central States Archaeological Societies
Central States Archaeological Societies

Message of timely importance From the President

Jack G. Willhoit

Central States Archaeological Societies 2006 April Journal

By the time you read this message, I will no longer be President of the Central States Archaeological Societies, Inc.

Due to increased business commitments, I was unable to seek a second term of office. Reflecting back on the past year, it has been an honor for me to serve the society. It especially was a pleasure to work with the officers and committee members of the CSASI.

As President, it gave me a better understanding and respect for the duties of the officers and committee members. For many years, I have been a member of the Piedmont Archaeological Society of North and South Carolina. During that time I enjoyed receiving CSASI journals but did not give much thought about the officers responsible for publishing, editing, delivering and all the other work it takes to make the journal a success. I now have a profound respect for all the people that perform these duties that make the journal a reality. The vast majority of this work, which is donated by the officers and committee members goes unrecognized. Here is a list of some of the duties performed by these loyal volunteers:

Business Manager: Keeps records of all State Society memberships, mails missing journals to members, handles membership complaints, maintains massive computer files, ships journals to each society, collects funds and forwards to the Treasurer. Serves as a member of the Publishing and Finance committee.

Editor-in-Chief: Designs and edits the CSASI journal, does all typesetting and layout, sends advance proofs to the Publishing and Finance Committee. Corresponds with members and state editors to coordinate articles and photos for the journal.

Legislative Committee: Gathers and reports legislative issues for Presentation at the Annual Meeting.

Librarian: Maintains and controls the inventory of CSASI journals. Processes and fills Web site journal sales.Maintains listing of all journals for sale.

Secretary-Treasurer: maintains financial records for the society. Pays the society bills. Provides financial information for the Publishing & Finance Committee.

President: responsible for the over-all operation of the society. Works with all officers and committee members solving problems and various other duties.

1st Vice President: available to assume the presidency in the event current president is unable to fill duties of office.

2nd Vice President: available to assume duties of the First Vice president in event cannot fulfill duties of office.

Publishing & Finance Committee: assists in proofing the CSASI journal. Reviews financial matters. Audits the financial record prior to annual meeting. Approves all expenditures over $500.

Nominating Committee: evaluates and recommends nominees for annual delegates meeting.

I hope by providing this brief information, it will give the membership a better understanding and appreciation of the duties performed by your Officers and Committee Members

Respectfully, Jack G. Willhoit


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