Librarian Inventory Information

Current Physical Location of library repository

Inventory location

The transport of the CSASI library to the current librarian took place over the April 3-4 2005 weekend. My brother Doug and I drove to Davenport Iowa for the material. It was quite an experience.

When we arrived in Davenport the first thing we did was to call Tom from across the street from his real estate office while gassing the rental. Tom then informed us that he was not in town, but away and the rental U-Haul was in the real estate parking lot with the keys on top of the cab.

When we arrived in the parking lot the parking lot was rather full of folks going into and out of a Chucky Cheese which is located just a few doors away from Tom's real estate office. The keys were on top of the cab in plain site by me who by today's height standards is rather modest at 5' 10".

Obviously I consider this a risky and foolish method to get the keys to me. This boarders on crazy due to the possibility of vehicle theft since the keys where in plain sight. The trip back was not much fun either.

When picked up, the truck was out of gas and a quart low of oil. It listed to one side and the drivers' side mirror was useless, and the drivers' door would not shut all the way due to damage. So a loud whistling noise was with me the entire drive. This U-Haul was the bottom of the rental barrel in my opinion and it crossed my mind more than a few times that Tom had purposely gotten the very worst of the trucks from the renter. If you own a U-Haul rental location - I am not targeting you for insult.

The journals were stored in boxes which were crushed, dirty and some had been infested with rodents. There were some with mold, some with water marks, and a very, very few that were still orignally sealed. The physical inventory progressed very slow going due to these problems, having to clean the journals first. see photos.

Current facility

The CSASI library inventory is stored in one of my in-laws cabins next to their house in a wooded area. I have a fridge, bathroom, and full kitchen in the storage building at my disposal. It is a nice wooded lot with no traffic or distractions.

The facility is temperature controled, a fancy way of saying air conditioned and heated. The folks area retired and are home most of the time, the inventory could almost be considered guarded.


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