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Read these instructions fully.  


Click on the link to the right.

This link will take you to a congressional site where you will locate your congressman by entering your state and 9 digit zip code. (If you do not know your 9 digit zip code, there is a link to find this by you entering your full address.)



Once your congressman has been identified, a web based mail form will be displayed. You must enter your name, address, city state and zip. You can optionally enter your email and phone number.



The web based email form will then display the body of the email. We recommend you use the below skeleton letter to start, and modify this to be specific about legislation in your state you desire to address.



If you want to check on your states legislation, click the link to the right. This web site which has all state and federal law on archaeological resources, also list, ordered by state, sites which are actively endangered, inactive sites, and closed cases.

Indian Burial And Sacred Grounds Watch

Draft for congressman

I am concerned with the direction that the past, current and future legislation may be taking with respect to my hobbies. Removing the right of an individual to pick up and collect ANY relic older than 50 years would significantly infringe on my rights as an American citizen.

This logic would mean that picking up a bottle lying on the ground from the early 1950s would be breaking the law. Finding a World War II silver nickel could get a person jail time. Picking up a common field grade Indian point while walking in a creek would be punishable.

These ridiculous, but likely, scenarios would take away the freedom of us all.

This law could be used by agencies to further reduce our rights as American citizens.

The looting of any grave should be, and is, illegal. There is no common sense in any law making the collecting of items older than 50 years illegal. I am requesting that you vote AGAINST any and all legislation, which would infringe on our rights to collect and own relics collected on private land.

I am lobbing you in the hopes that you will do the right thing and vote against this sort of legislation, and plan to inform my voting age friends, family and acquaintances to keep this in their minds when they vote in the next election.



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