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Central States Archaeological Societies 2013 October Journal


It’s the fall season, and the end of the year is in sight. I want to remind you that dues are due now. If you wait until the first of the year you will not be on the list to receive the January Issue. 2014 is the 60th anniversary of this publication, and if all the funds can be raised, the final issue of the year will be extra special.

We are more than halfway there due to some generous donations of several individuals and member societies.
Every bit helps, and your donation is tax-deductible.

Those who help make the anniversary issue happen will be acknowledged in the issue, and on the website. If you’ve ever wanted to write something, but have put it off, now is the time! Be a part of the 60th! I already have contributions coming in.

This issue includes the web address of the CSASI website on the cover page. Please visit it if you have a chance and enjoy all the features it has to offer.Steve R. Cooper

Also, LIKE US on FACEBOOK if you can. The page has more than 900 “likes” as of publication. I try to put things on there of timely interest, as well as articles and other things dealing with archaeology and collecting that will not make the print publication.

While the publication has been available for almost 60 years, up to now, it has only been available for scholarly research at institutions that have subscribed.

Thus for instance, articles that discuss a long lost habitation site, bannerstones or the finding of a Cumberland point are rarely referenced in archaeological research papers. That is about to change with the Journal becoming part of JSTOR. The entire publication will be digitized, and become available to the thousands of institutions in the JSTOR network. At last, when someone is doing their doctoral thesis on bannerstones, they will have every article ever written in this Journal available for reference. Not only will this add to the prestige of our publication, it will also insure that the contributions of the membership over the years will be preserved for posterity. Lastly, after a period of time, our involvement in JSTOR will result in royalty payments that will help us out financially. I should also note that financial cost of the digitization of the Journal and the uploading of its contents is done at no cost to us. It is a win-win.

I have received numerous inquiries and comments on my July column “Clues to the Past.” The “letters to the Editor” section contains a long commentary on this, as well as a lengthy letter from a member on the topic.

Finally, this issue concludes the two years of focusing on collectors of the past. I have received numerous positive comments on the various articles covering these individuals of long ago who shared our passion of collecting and archaeology. This final issue includes an article on one of the first collector magazines with some focus on artifacts. I wish to thank all of those who contributed fine articles throughout the past two years.

Steven R. Cooper September 2013