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Central States Archaeological Societies 2012 October Journal


The collector focused issues of 2012 have generated a lot comments, all positive! I’m glad this concept been successful and I’ll be pursuing it further in 2013. Further down the road, 2014 will mark the 60th anniversary of our publication, the first issue being July 1954. That year will include a lot of special moments, and you will not want to miss it. Make sure all of your collector friends start getting on board. Steve R. Cooper

Have you friended us on FACEBOOK yet? The internet awareness of arrowheads and collecting grows every day, and by participating on-line you are helping share with this new community. There are quite a few artifat and arrowhead related sites on which collectors share ideas, artifacts, ask questions and more. Join up and enjoy!

I recently had a discussion with some officers of the Indiana Society. Our communication had broken down and some shows were inadvertently left out of the journal. Several years, then President Darrel Wilson set up a system where all info was to be channeled through the First Vice President (presently Bill Wasemiller). This officer then sends the info off to myself and the webmaster. This helps keep a certain information flow and hopefully insures posting of important information, such as shows, in a timely manner. Then, right before each issue goes to press, I send out to each society a PDF of the back pages of the Journal with the officers and show listings, to verify and correct any information and fix any mistakes that might have been made. In the case of Indiana, our communications were not understood on either end, and so things were left out of the Journal and the website. Hopefully this won’t occur again. If you sponsor a show I might suggest you send the First VP a reminder of it the first of the month prior to a Journal coming out. Info for any of the first quarter shows should be sent by December 1st. This will allow us include a missed show prior to screening and printing. The objective is to publicize the shows, not to play a game of punishing someone who didn’t get the information in on time. I am here to help you, so feel free to contact me if there is a problem. One last thing, the show page of the Journal is limited in size. Sometimes I can include shows for the next quarteron it, sometimes not. I include info on a first-comefirst-serve basis, as space allows. I was accused last yearof leaving someone’s show out, even though that show didn't happen for six months from the publication date.

The website allows for posting shows many months in advance, but the Journal itself does not. My goal is to have each show posted in a timely manner. If you are uncertain your show will be included, contact the First VP. You can also call me if you are afraid you have missed the deadline.

FYI: As a non-profit organization, we get some very nice breaks in sending the Journal through the mail. But there are restrictions we have to follow. Someone asked me recently, why we didn’t include advertising. The conditions of our mailing status require no advertising. This Journal is my 20th Issue since my first in January of 2008. During that time, I have made many changes, which can easily be seen if you compare my first issue with this one. There are more articles, pictures and substance in each issue. My goal is to make you eager to receive and read each issue. I hope that I am achieving this!

Finally, and most importantly, I am seeking articles. If you’ve never written before, try it. If you have contributed before, contribute again. I am not the writer of this Journal, I am the organizer and editor. Everyone is welcome to contribute. I really prefer articles these days, not just pictures of artifacts. If you’ve never written before, I can help correct and organize your article if it needs it. A lack of great writing skills needn’t keep you from contributing. The satisfaction from seeing your ideas in print will be worth the effort. You can send me the article via e-mail, or postal. I look forward to featuring many new authors in the coming years.

Steven R. Cooper