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Central States Archaeological Societies


John T Crowley
Central States Archaeological Societies 2000 July Journal
Editor CSASI

In a recent conversation with Ben Thompson, my friend and one of my mentors, a former Central States Archaeological Journal Editor-in-Chief, and a long-term assistant editor for the CSAJ, he suggested that I publish the list of our institutional members. “It is quite an impressive listing,” he said, and then added, “Many of our members have no idea that CSAJ is received by so many prestigious institutions. Our journal is read by countless professionals. They can’t sign up, but they read our journal, nonetheless. We are the premier avocational/collector publication available. Our journal affords respect to all and is respected by all.”

Shortly after our conversation I called CSAS Business Manager John H. Beyes about getting me this list of over sixty institutional members, which appears below. The institutions are listed in the order in which their subscriptions were received.

Ball State University (IN)
The Indiana State University Library                 
The Cleveland Public Library (OH)
Ohio State University                                        
Western Kentucky University
The University of Mississippi                            
The University of North Carolina
The Walter C. Jackson Library (NC)                
The University of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania State University                           
The Huntington Free Library (NY)
Princeton University (NJ)                                   
Yale University Library (MA)
Washington State University                             
The University of Washington
The University of California                               
Stanford University (CA)
The University of New Mexico                           
Arizona State University
Brigham Young University (NV)                        
The University of Texas
Southern Methodist University (TX)                  
The University of Oklahoma Library
Wichita State University (KS)                            
Kansas State University
The University of Kansas Library                      
The Nelson-Atkins Museum (KS)
The Kathryn Linneman Library (MO)                
The St. Louis Public Library (MO)
Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville         
The University of Illinois
Eastern Illinois University                                   
The Peoria Public Library (IL)
Western Illinois University                                  
The University of Chicago Library (IL)

The University of Georgia
East Carolina University                                    
Harvard University (MA)                                    
The University of Toronto, Canada
The Canadian Museum of Civilization             
Niederdaechis Staats und University, Germany
The Quincy Museum (IL)                                    
The Missouri Archaeological Society
Cornell University (NY)                                       
The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
The German-American Indian Group               
The Frisco Native American Museum (CA)
The Missouri Historical Society      
The Boston Public Library (MA)
The Aurora Public Library (IL)                           
Northwestern University (IL)
The University of Iowa                                        
Grand Rapids Public Library (Ml)
Michigan State University                                  
Wayne State University (Ml)
The Museums Library (MI)                                 
Purdue University (IN)
The Virgo County Public Library (IN)                
The Evansville Public Library (IN)
Indiana University 
The Field Museum of Natural History (IL)         
The Chicago Public Library (IL)
The University of California, Berkley                
The Library of Congress
University of Massachusetts Library                 
University of Calgary, Canada
Center for American Archaeology (IL)             
Lebanon Public Library (IN)
Kommission fur Aligemeine und Vergleiche Archaeologie des Deutschen Archaeologischen Instituts, Bonn, Germany


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